This cuvée, which bears the estate’s original name, meaning “farm of three”, is a moving interpretation of Carignan Noir. To tend and vinify plots of vines planted before the land registry was established in 1905 is in itself a privilege. When we arrived here in 2005, we realised the singularity and potential of these grapes. Today, the estate has 6 ha of old Carignan. The best vines produce Mastrio, each yielding half a bottle.

Carignan, a slow-ripening late-harvest variety synonymous with finesse, attains optimal maturity at the estate in the second third of October.

Mastrio  Red presents a dense deep colour, red and black berry fruit aromas, and hints of spice and garrigue woodiness, creating olfactory depth.
With its silky tannins and mineral freshness, this wine gives the sensation of a powerful yet light structure on the palate.

After 6-8 years, truffle and cocoa aromas supplement the tasting experience, and lead us into the realm of mature tertiary aromas.

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Variety : 100% Carignan Noir.

Vine age : 110 years and more.

Soil : Gneiss, stones; north and northeast facing plots at 350m altitude.

Yield : 0.35l per vine.

Vinification : Pre-fermentation cold maceration, short vatting, fermentation with native yeasts.

Maturing : 14 months in stainless-steel vats.

First cuvée in 2006.


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Mastrio Côtes Catalanes, carignan Vieilles Vignes 2009

THE WINE One could not imagine a more perfect interpretation of Roussillon-grown Carignan than this highly seductive Mastrio 2009 of intense crispness and aromatic charm, unlike the fuzzy specimens worshipped by bourgeois-bohemian bars. Ah, and it’s only 13.5°. So: it was doable despite the 2009 sunshine?

SCORE: 16/20

THE ESTATE: Michael Paetzold does not make the cover of specialist magazines, still less headline the websites that aim to supplant them. Yet he is an éminence grise of the French winemaking community. A brilliant but modest grape grower (yes, they do exist, and not just on the label) in Roussillon, he is above all the oenologist who has done most to advance the concept of filtration worldwide; you would be surprised to see the list of leading estates who use his bottling trucks! An even lesser known fact is is that he assists with the vinification of some famous producer friends, who have been shrewd enough to concede that the science of oenology helps to express grapes, terroirs and vintages with even greater precision.

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