This cuvée, which bears the estate’s original name, meaning “farm of three”, is a moving interpretation of Carignan Noir. To tend and vinify plots of vines planted before the land registry was established in 1905 is in itself a privilege.

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Like the red Mastrio, this cuvée carries the estate’s original name, which means "farm of three". Our plots of Carignan Noir also contain Carignan Blanc vines. In 2009, we were intrigued by the idea of vinifying them separately.

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The name of this cuvée is inspired by a locality on the estate, and made with our best plots of Grenache Noir.

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This wine bears the name of a locality on the estate. Over the years, while we were making progress in our method of cultivation, the Syrah plots (3.5ha) gave credence to the idea that it was possible to grow ne Syrah in the Côtes Catalanes.

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A casot is a stone house that belonged to 18th-century Catalan mule drivers. Such houses are dotted about our vineyards in various states of conservation.

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Our wines

Our estate presents to you five cuvées : four red wines, and one white.

The intensely distinctive way our grape varieties express themselves in our terroirs prompted us to create four varietal wines – made with Carignan Noir, Syrah, Grenache Noir and Carignan Blanc – and one blend of our red grapes. 

The singular character of our cuvées stems from the expression of the terroir’s four elements :

A typical climate of wind, brightness and low rainfall is reflected in deep aromatics and silky tannins. 

Sloping, shallow, mineral soil, with low organic matter content and a high location, gives the fruit a vibrant structure and crispness. The wines retain a youthful style, even once they reach full aromatic maturity.

Mass-selected vines of advanced age (estate average : 80 years), and suited to the Mediterranean climate, deliver great aromatic complexity and harmonious tasting pleasure.

Organic cultivation and yields attuned to the terroir serve up a package with tremendous density on nose and palate.

We have chosen to age our wines in stainless steel vats (not in oak) so as to promote expressiveness and aromatic richness, but also tannic finesse.

Our wines are aged for 14 months, during which time we strive to protect the harvested potential and accompany them to attractive maturity.

La singularité de nos cuvées se trouve dans l’expression des quatre éléments du terroir